Akash Solutions provides direction to its clients...both in the air and on the ground!

Akash Solutuons, LLC, we facilitate contract pilot services, technology consulting services, and customized training in various aviation and technology topics. We are in unqique position to provide services to our clients in aviation, in IT technology, and in aviation technology such as designing aviation scheduling applications, desinging cloud network for flight departments, implementing or auditing Safety Management Systems (SMS), etc.

Akashsolutions also provides value add services such as writing various technical reports, documents, and manuals with turn around time that fits customer's schedule. Let us do the leg work for you so you can focus on more important things!


Akash Solutions, LLC provides pilot serivces for various small, miidsize, and large cabin aircrafts including following models of Gulfstream and Cessna business jets.


Pilots are professionally trained at CFR 141/142 training centers and maintain all the proper creditations (medical certificate, RT License, Internaltion procedures, RVSM, etc.) for flights within the United States and for international flights as well. We only staff pilots who are highly experienced (3000 hrs ore more) and can provide professional services as a Captain or as a first officer.

Akash Solutions, LLC is also qualified to write customized Safety Management System (SMS) manuals, perform reviews and audits based on ICAO/IS-BAO standards.

One of the most requested company services (other than piloting) is designing customized checklists for flight operations, Intenrational ops, ramp checks, etc.

Please contact us for a solutions to bring efficiency with proficiency in your business!

Engineering & Consulting

Akash Solutions, LLC also provides technolgoy consulting services such as designing, deploying, and troubleshooting mutlitservice networks, trouble shooting a computer issue(s), creating websites, creating applications on Apple iOS, creating databases (MS Access).

Please contact us for a solutions to bring efficiency with proficiency in your business!


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